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Sample Persuasive essay on Why you Should Consider Studying Online

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Why you Should Consider Studying Online

            Due to rapid advancements in technology, online learning administration has been made easy across institutions in the world. Online learning has made it possible for students to attend the universities of their dreams with an added advantage of learning based on the convenience of their schedules. Additionally, the initiative allows students from different parts of the world to study abroad remotely without incurring costly travel and accommodation expenses. Therefore, online learning is recommended as it allows managing job and family commitments, cheaper and employers would like it.

            Online studying enables individuals to learn at their own time, in their space, and on their convenient schedule. If an individual is already employed and wants to pursue education without uprooting their entire life, online studying affords that opportunity. Most online courses are accessible 24/7,365 days a year, making it possible to study around your work schedule anywhere in the world (Kyei-Blankson et al.) It is easy to be flexible with your tasks through online learning as you can study during wee hours when everybody is asleep. Managing job and family commitments are easier with online studying as you can always study when and where you need to.

            Lower educational costs are the most outstanding element of online studying. In most cases, some online courses are offered for free and even at a lower cost than when students present themselves for physical learning. Additionally, some courses offer financial aid making it easy for lower-class individuals to afford the programs. Notably, the affordability of online learning results from institutions having less staff and personnel to pay compared to traditional modes of learning. Additionally, the students also benefit as they do have to care for commuting and accommodation costs. Online learning is the best deal as quality learning is achieved at lower costs.

            Online learning is a stepping stone in the contemporary world’s competitive job environment. Most of the people seeking employment have all the requirements, making the employers seek the most outstanding features among them. Having online courses in resume, therefore, boosts job prospects. Online courses are useful, and most of their topics are applied during interviews. An individual who has done online courses would be perceived to have relevant skills in the field and maybe hired. Therefore, online learning enables individuals to acquire desirable skills that might be on the lookout in the job market.

            Online learning enables people to carry on with their normal schedules without interruptions, it is cheaper, and most employers would like to see online courses in prospective employee resumes. Due to the flexibility of the courses, the individual can study at any time of the day based on their schedule. Additionally, cheaper costs of online learning are beneficial as the students would pursue the courses of their choice without necessarily availing themselves in a certain institution. Finally, online courses open up people to topics common in interviews, thus, enabling them to win the available opportunities as they are already familiar with them. Moreover, employers tend to believe that having online courses in a resume means that one is equipped with the relevant skills. Therefore, online learning is recommended for every individual as it is the most beneficial, evident from the costs incurred and flexibility.

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